benefits of yoga

Physical benefits:

  • With a regular practice our body develops strength, flexibility, muscle tone and balance.
  • With time, we gain greater range of movement and stability for our muscles and joints.
  • Our practice helps improve body posture, alignment and can help prevent and alleviate ailments that are associated with muscle tightness and spinal compression, for example, back pain.
  • Yoga helps us to become breath aware and to use our lungs more effectively. Better breathing helps to calm the nervous system which benefits the whole body and mind.


Mind benefits:

  • Through our yoga practice we become calmer which helps to reduce stress. We learn to focus our minds, become more present which carries into our every day lives.
  • Yoga brings a balance to the mind so with calmness we also develop an alert and positive mind with greater feelings of well being.
  • As we carry mindfulness into every day life we experience things as they really are. We move away from our conditioned or habitual mind to our unconditioned mind of happiness and peace.

Deena is a brilliant teacher. She structures her class very well and gives calm confident guidance. No matter what your level you will benefit, becoming fitter, stronger, more flexible and relaxed.

Jane Broadfoot

Deena has a patient and encouraging approach, she is able to give alternative postures when needed, she demonstrates the poses and assists in encouraging the body to move a little deeper.

Sue Vittoria